Keshet Deutschland e.V

We are a young initiative of jewish queers and friends/allies.

Was wollen wir?

Keshet Germany was found as an association to support the rights and experience of jewish LGBTIQ* in Germany. Our vision is to make open queer life and queer people and families in jewish communities, but also in German society as a whole, visible and a matter of course.

What do we do?

We organise events on Shabbatot and holidays, speak on panels, give workshops and lectures. On the one hand, we educate people about LGBTIQ+ in Jewish spaces, and at the same time we bring Jewish perspectives into LGBTIQ+ spaces and make diversity visible. For young people in particular, Keshet Germany is an important contact point and a safe space to find and develop their own identity. But older generations are also welcome to share their experiences with us and find themselves among like-minded people.

What can you do?

Support friends who are in a difficult situation and be empathetic. Additionally, you can get involved with us!

We introduce ourselves (in German)