Our Vision

The association Keshet Deutschland e.V. advocates for the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and other queer people inside and outside the Jewish community in Germany. Our vision is that Jewish LGBTIQ* people are equal and visible in all Jewish communities in Germany and worldwide. We want to promote the rights of and interaction with queer Jewish people in Germany and make open queer life and queer families a given in Jewish communities. We notice that Keshet offers an important contact point and safe space, especially for young people, to find and develop their own identity.

One of the most important topics also includes addressing and combating all forms of discrimination against people on the basis of their sexual and gender identity. Raising awareness for LGBTIQ* issues as well as promoting an intra-Jewish but also inter-religious social dialogue between people with LGBTIQ* identities and others is particularly close to our hearts.

Keshet Deutschland e.V. was founded in Berlin in November 2018. In the meantime, we have become a supra-regional association. There are regional groups in the Rhine-Main area as well as in Munich and active individuals throughout Germany. At Keshet Germany, Jewish individuals as well as non-Jewish allies of different age groups, gender and sexual identities, religious, family and also political backgrounds are organised. How much and where individuals get involved depends solely on their needs and capacities. We are a pluralistic association and attach more importance to the common basic consensus that unites us and to open, solidary and respectful interaction than to those issues that also divide us.



The three pillars of Keshet Germany

I. We create a safer space for an LGBTIQ* Jewish community.

II. We promote raising awareness of LGBTIQ* issues among non-queer Jewish people.

III. We strengthen society-wide knowledge and make the diversity of Judaism visible.